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Members-Only Round Robins August 28, 29 & September 2, 2023

Men, women, and mixed players across different levels braved a summer heat wave and a drizzly Saturday to engage in friendly fire for bragging rights and a shot at a Tustin Pickleball water bottle (or two Franklin X-40 pickleballs). Congratulations to all the winners!

Men’s Round Robin

Monday, August 28th


Winners - Charlie Hoang (4.0), Jason Quinn (4.0), Gus Asaad (3.5+), Skip Burson (3.5)


Tustin Pickleball Ladder Event, March 12, 2023

Thank you to all participants and congratulations to all the medalists!

Novice Division

Gold - Sheri Clark & Robert Scotland

Silver - Patti Darsow & Madeline Gertz

Bronze - Shannon Sato & Pat Welch





Intermediate Division
Gold - Bill Kearns & Steve Tran
Silver - Cyndee Mitchell & John Rash
Bronze - Ralph Dominguez & Roger Kinoshita


Advanced Division

Gold - Charlie Hoang & Adam Bernstein

Silver - Jay Mendoza & Steve Nakanishi

Bronze - Luis Chelala & Cole Kenyon

Women’s Round Robin

Tuesday, August 29th


Winners - Lisa Sigaty (4.5+), Norma Benade (3.5+), Tanya Gamez (3.5), Nina Burson (3.5), Sharlene Choy (3.0)

Womens RR.JPG

Mixed Round Robin

Saturday, September 2nd


Winners - Charlie Hoang (4.5), Averry Chu (4.0), Tom Van (4.0), Rick Giangeruso (3.5+), Pam Gertz (3.5+), George Oropeza (3.5), Patty Spallone (3.5), Sharlene Choy (3.0), Quinn Nguyen (2.5)

Mixed RR.JPG
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