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These public courts are owned by the Tustin Unified School District and are made available to Tustin Pickleball through a use permit which is purchased for our open play and special event dates and times.


Our permit requires proof of insurance, which the club purchases. The permit also grants the club access to the School District’s restrooms and water refill station during operating hours.

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Our Courts

Tustin Pickleball is fortunate to have access to 10 wonderful courts, located at 1302 Service Road in Tustin, California.

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Today, the courts are named in honor of Pete Burns, former Director of Maintenance at Tustin Unified School District, who co-founded Tustin Pickleball in 2010.


Tustin Pickleball offers organized, skill level open play using a drop-in format during the hours of 7:00am to 11:00am Monday through Saturday.

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