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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you offer pickleball classes?
A:  We do not offer pickleball classes nor paid instruction. Pickleball classes are offered through the City of Tustin and the City of Irvine.

(Enter the Keyword "Pickleball" in the Filter box to find classes)

Tustin Pickleball does offer complimentary drill sessions Monday through Friday for novice/intermediate members from 6:45 to 7:30am on Court 1. These drill sessions cover different topics each week (i.e., dinking, drop shots, volleys) and are led by advanced level club member volunteers.

Q:  Can I reserve a court?
A:  Tustin Pickleball does not offer court reservations. The courts are owned and managed by the Tustin Unified School District (TUSD) and are available to organizations such as ours by purchasing a facilities use permit and providing venue insurance (the facilities use permit covers all 10 courts).

Individual courts can be reserved at nearby Veterans Sports Park in Tustin (714) 573-3326 and Portola Springs Community Park in Irvine (949) 724-6830.


Q:  Are the courts open after organized club play ends? Are they open on Sundays?
A:  The courts are usually open to the public after club play ends each day (Mon-Sat) at 11am to dusk and on Sundays (7am to dusk). Restroom access is only available during club hours Mon-Sat 7-11am.

Please keep in mind that court availability is always at the discretion of TUSD and they reserve the right to close the courts at any time and without notice. There may also be special events such as tournaments taking place at the courts after club hours and on weekends. The school district does not publicly post court scheduling, but we will do our best to communicate through Facebook, known court unavailability that may directly impact our members.


Q:  Street signs show "No Parking" 7-11am on Tuesdays for street sweeping. Can I park on the street on Tuesdays?
A:  Street sweeping on Tuesdays usually starts at 7am on Service Rd and continues through School Ln. Once the street sweeper passes (usually by 7:20am) you can park on these streets and will not be ticketed.


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