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Team Challenge I Event, May 5, 2024

Our inaugural Team Challenge was a great success! Thank you to all participants and congratulations to all the medalists!

Division I - Advanced Intermediate / Advanced Level

Division 1 - Gold.jpg

Champions (Gold Medalists) - Good Guys!

Cody Nguyen, Gene Forsythe, Reha Duzel, Patty Spallone

Division 1 - Silver.jpg

Silver Medalists - Dink Dynasty

Steve Krongold, Rosanna Chen, Nikki Chew, Thomas Hazen

Division 1 - Bronze.jpg

Bronze Medalists - Above Average

Brett Schumm, Sunny Yu, Judy Wu, Jay Yen

Division 1 - 4th Place.jpg

4th Place - Team D

Samantha Waters, Tim Wang, David Purdom, Julie Mazo

Tustin Pickleball Ladder Event, March 12, 2023

Thank you to all participants and congratulations to all the medalists!

Novice Division

Gold - Sheri Clark & Robert Scotland

Silver - Patti Darsow & Madeline Gertz

Bronze - Shannon Sato & Pat Welch





Intermediate Division
Gold - Bill Kearns & Steve Tran
Silver - Cyndee Mitchell & John Rash
Bronze - Ralph Dominguez & Roger Kinoshita


Advanced Division

Gold - Charlie Hoang & Adam Bernstein

Silver - Jay Mendoza & Steve Nakanishi

Bronze - Luis Chelala & Cole Kenyon

Division II - Low Intermediate / Intermediate Level

Division 2 - Gold.JPG

Champions (Gold Medalists) - Killer B's

Curtis Condon, Jennifer McMasters, Yolanda Solis, John Musgrave

Division 2 - Silver.JPG

Silver Medalists - Hold the Pickles!

Rob Hutchinson, Jone Hsia, Shirley Song, Robert Cho

Division 2 - Bronze.JPG

Bronze Medalists - Task

Arvind Kumar Venkateswaran, Tinus Sonsma, Sandy Jung, Kathie Nielsen

Division 2 - 4th Place.JPG

4th Place - The A Team

Julie Cho, Ivonne Roca, Daniel Standish, Weihong Chen

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