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Pictured from left to right: Phil Wascher, Sheila Driscoll, Patti Blood, Peggy Marcantel,

Phil Dunmeyer, Albert Tjan, Craig Haas, Gina Stivers.

2021 Tustin Pickleball Board of Directors


     President - Phil Dunmeyer

     Vice President - Phil Wascher

     Treasurer - Albert Tjan

     Secretary - Gina Stivers

     Director of Membership - Patti Blood

     Director of Competition, Instruction & Events - Craig Haas

Director of Communications - Sheila Driscoll

Director of Facilities & Equipment - Peggy Marcantel

Member At-Large - Wayne Simpson


1302 Service Road

Tustin, CA 92780

Hours:  Monday thru Saturday 7 AM - 12:00 PM